Solar Powered Ovens

Materials: Pizza Box Pencil  Ruler Scissors/Box Cutter Aluminum Foil Clear Tape Black Construction Paper Plastic Wrap (You can also use a large transparent plastic bag) Old Newspaper Oven Mit Oven Safe Dish/Pie Tin Instructions: Make sure your pizza box is clean before starting. Using your ruler and pencil, draw three out of four sides of

Send Invisible Messages

Materials: Half a lemon/lemon juice A few drops of water A spoon A bowl Q-tip Paper A lamp/lightbulb/flashlight Instructions: With some adult help, squeeze out the lemon or pour out 2 tablespoons of lemon into your bowl. Add a few drops of water into the bowl, then mix with your spoon. Using the Q-tip, write

Make a Starry Sky in Your Bedroom

Materials: Paper cup, any size Pencil Thumbtack Flashlight (you can use a phone flashlight) Instructions: Use your pencil to draw out some constellations you know onto the bottom and outside of your paper cup. Don’t know any constellations? Look some up using the links provided below! Start by using simple designs, and connect your stars

Floating Ping Pong balls

Materials: A Clear, Empty Plastic Bottle A Bottle Cap that Fits On the Plastic Bottle Box Cutter, or Any Other Sharp Knife (Get Adult Supervision!) Scissors Bendy Straw Ping Pong Ball Instructions: Near the top of the plastic bottle, where the curve begins, wrap a piece of tape around the circumference of the bottle. Try

Step Through an Index Card

Materials: Index Card Scissors Instructions: Fold the index card in half the long way (hotdog style). Using the scissors, cut about 1 cm off the bottom of one end of the index card. Start your cut on the folded side and end on the open side, but don’t cut all the way through. There should

Mini Rubber Band Guitar

Materials: 4 Rubberbands of Different Thicknesses, but Same Length Empty Tissue Paper Box (You Can Also Use an Empty Juice Box) Glue Packing Tape (Or Any Other Strong Tape) Scissors Two Craft Sticks Empty Paper Towel Roll/Toilet Paper Roll (If You are Using a Juice Box, You Can Also Use a Straw) Instructions: Remove the

Instant Ice

Materials: A Filled Water Bottle Ice Cubes Small Bowl Towel Instructions: Place the water bottle in the freezer, on its side.  Take out the water bottle after about 2 to 2 and a half hours. Try slamming the water bottle on a hard surface, if something forms, the water is ready, otherwise, leave the water

Rainbow Walking Water

Materials: 6 Cups/Jars 6 Paper Towels Food Coloring Water Scissors Instructions: Fill all 6 jars almost to the brim with water. Put a couple of drops of food coloring of each of the three primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) into 3 of the jars. Place all 6 of the jars in a circle, alternating