Magic Milk

Materials: Food Coloring Milk Dish Soap Q-tip Plate A Paper Towel Instructions: Prepare your work station. Place a plate on top of a paper towel on a flat surface. With some help from a parent, pour some milk into the plate till it is completely covered. The milk should be about ¼ of an inch

Rainbow Cabbage

Materials: Cabbage Leaves 6 Glasses or Jars Cold Water Food Coloring Spoons Paper Towels Instructions: Fill each glass up ⅓ of the way with cold water. Add a couple drops of each color of food coloring into each glass until you get the colors you desire your cabbage to turn into. Each color should go

Send Invisible Messages

Materials: Half a lemon/lemon juice A few drops of water A spoon A bowl Q-tip Paper A lamp/lightbulb/flashlight Instructions: With some adult help, squeeze out the lemon or pour out 2 tablespoons of lemon into your bowl. Add a few drops of water into the bowl, then mix with your spoon. Using the Q-tip, write