• A Clear, Empty Plastic Bottle
  • A Bottle Cap that Fits On the Plastic Bottle
  • Box Cutter, or Any Other Sharp Knife (Get Adult Supervision!)
  • Scissors
  • Bendy Straw
  • Ping Pong Ball


  1. Near the top of the plastic bottle, where the curve begins, wrap a piece of tape around the circumference of the bottle. Try to wrap the tape as straight as possible.
  2. *Get Adult Supervision* With help from an adult, use the box cutter to cut the top of the plastic bottle off, using the tape as a reference. Try making the cut as straight as possible

*Do steps 3 and 4 on a workbench, or somewhere that can be damaged. Get adult supervision*

  1. Place your bottle cap open side down on the workbench. Then, using the scissors, poke a hole through the center of the bottle cap. Try making this hole as round as possible. Start by making this hole a small, then you can work your way up. If this hole gets too big, you will have to restart with a new cap.
  2. Try sticking the bendy straw through the hole. 
  • If it fits comfortably, then you are good to go! 
  • If the hole is too small, use the scissors to make the hole bigger so the straw fits snugly.
  • If the hole is too big for the straw, you will have to find a new bottle cap.
  1. Once your bottle cap is as perfect as can be, pull the straw out and screw the cap back onto the plastic bottle.
  2. Feed the short end of the straw through the hold on the bottle cap.
  3. Place the ping pong ball into the opening of the plastic bottle.
  4. Try blowing through the long end of the straw. Did you get the ping pong ball to levitate? If not, make sure that the ball is in the stream of airflow.

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