Make Your Own Rainbow

Materials: Water Sunlight A clear glass A small mirror Instructions: Fill you clear glass with water. The glass doesn’t need to be filled to the brim, but the higher the water is, the bigger rainbow you should get. Place your mirror inside the glass of water at an angle Place the glass so the sunlight

Dissolving Rainbow

Materials: Skittles or M&Ms White plate Warm water Instructions: Prepare your workstation! Make sure that your plate is clean so that you can fully see the rainbow! Place your skittles/M&Ms around the rim of the plate. Arrange the candy to make your own unique rainbow! Pour the water carefully in the center of the plate. 

Rainbow Cabbage

Materials: Cabbage Leaves 6 Glasses or Jars Cold Water Food Coloring Spoons Paper Towels Instructions: Fill each glass up ⅓ of the way with cold water. Add a couple drops of each color of food coloring into each glass until you get the colors you desire your cabbage to turn into. Each color should go

Send Invisible Messages

Materials: Half a lemon/lemon juice A few drops of water A spoon A bowl Q-tip Paper A lamp/lightbulb/flashlight Instructions: With some adult help, squeeze out the lemon or pour out 2 tablespoons of lemon into your bowl. Add a few drops of water into the bowl, then mix with your spoon. Using the Q-tip, write

Make a Starry Sky in Your Bedroom

Materials: Paper cup, any size Pencil Thumbtack Flashlight (you can use a phone flashlight) Instructions: Use your pencil to draw out some constellations you know onto the bottom and outside of your paper cup. Don’t know any constellations? Look some up using the links provided below! Start by using simple designs, and connect your stars

Rainbow Walking Water

Materials: 6 Cups/Jars 6 Paper Towels Food Coloring Water Scissors Instructions: Fill all 6 jars almost to the brim with water. Put a couple of drops of food coloring of each of the three primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) into 3 of the jars. Place all 6 of the jars in a circle, alternating

Floating Dry-Erase Drawing

Materials: A Glass Plate, Bowl, or Picture Frame Dry-Erase Marker Water Instructions: Using the dry-erase marker, draw a simple doodle on your glass. Stick figures are great to start with! Pour the water on the glass to slowly pick up your drawing. Swirl around your drawing to make it move and dance!