• 4 Rubberbands of Different Thicknesses, but Same Length
  • Empty Tissue Paper Box (You Can Also Use an Empty Juice Box)
  • Glue
  • Packing Tape (Or Any Other Strong Tape)
  • Scissors
  • Two Craft Sticks
  • Empty Paper Towel Roll/Toilet Paper Roll (If You are Using a Juice Box, You Can Also Use a Straw)


  1. Remove the plastic off the center of the empty tissue paper box.
  • If you are using a juice box, use the scissors to cut a rectangle hole into the center of the biggest side.
  1. Use the tape to attach the paper towel roll (or straw) onto one of the short sides of your cardboard box.
  2. Using the glue, attach the popsicle sticks onto the sides of the hole on your cardboard box. They should be on parallel sides of one another. 
  3. Wrap each rubber band around the tissue box lengthwise, so that each of them are resting on the craft sticks.
  4. Try your guitar out! When you pluck each of the rubber bands, do they all sound the same? Or are the sounds all different?

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