Dissolving Rainbow

Materials: Skittles or M&Ms White plate Warm water Instructions: Prepare your workstation! Make sure that your plate is clean so that you can fully see the rainbow! Place your skittles/M&Ms around the rim of the plate. Arrange the candy to make your own unique rainbow! Pour the water carefully in the center of the plate. 

Rubber Egg

Materials: A Raw Egg Vinegar A Cup/Jar Food Coloring (optional) Access to a sink Instructions: Carefully, place your egg into the cup or jar. Fill the cup with vinegar till the egg is covered. If you want a colored rubber egg, add some food coloring! Wait and watch little bubbles form around the egg! After

Rainbow Cabbage

Materials: Cabbage Leaves 6 Glasses or Jars Cold Water Food Coloring Spoons Paper Towels Instructions: Fill each glass up ⅓ of the way with cold water. Add a couple drops of each color of food coloring into each glass until you get the colors you desire your cabbage to turn into. Each color should go